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White Ceramic House: Fragrance & Wax Melt

White Ceramic House: Fragrance & Wax Melt

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Crafted from premium white ceramic, this beautifully designed burner doubles as both a functional wax melt piece and a charming decorative accent for any room. Shaped like a quaint, inviting cottage, this burner adds a touch of warmth and sophistication to your décor. Simply lift the roof lid to add wax melts or fragrance oil and insert a lit tealight into the base, and wait for your favourite scents to fill the air. 

Suitable for both essential oils and wax melts, allowing you to create a calming atmosphere with your favourite scents. Made from durable, high-gloss ceramic that is easy to clean and maintain. 

The sturdy design minimises the risk of tipping over, making it safe for use in any room. Ensure the house is placed in a safe environment and on a heat proof surface. Only remove the lid once the wax is melted. Please take care when doing so to avoid wax tipping over the edge. We would recommend adding some water in with your fragrance oils.  

This timeless piece effortlessly complements any decor and looks great whilst the candle light flickers from inside. Unlike perishable gifts, this ceramic house oil/candle burner is a lasting memento that friends, family, or colleagues can enjoy when embarking on a new chapter in their lives. Why not take a look at the celebratory 'Champagne & Fizz' collection to create the perfect gift set?

Dimensions: H: 11.5cm X W: 10.5cm X D: 9cm. Please note: This piece is made out-with the United Kingdom. 

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