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Everhot Hob Covers - Champagne & Fizz

Everhot Hob Covers - Champagne & Fizz

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Brighten your cooking space with the Champagne & Fizz Everhot Covers!  Adorned using the best-selling Champagne & Fizz artwork, these covers pair beautifully with all Everhot colours, due to the vibrant pops of colour found in the hand-painted design.  

Made with a heavier weighted  1/2 Panama 100% cotton & a flame-resistant terry towelling reverse, these covers prevent the Everhot surface from scratches whilst helping with insulation. The loop attachment ensures the covers are practical by staying in place whilst lifting and closing the lids throughout the day. 

Professionally made in the UK, these covers are printed and hand-stitched in 3 different sizes to fit the majority of Everhot ranges. The printing technique allows the covers to be machine washable, without the risk of the bright colours and intricate details from fading. 

Each cover has been carefully hand-crafted, uniquely design and made to last for years to come.

Please select your Everhot model or follow the sizing guide below. If you have any questions, please contact Jessica 

Please note: You will receive 2 covers to fit each model, EXCEPT for the 90+/90i and 60 models. You will only receive 1 cover to fit the larger plate.    

Everhot Ranges

150+ & 150i - 2 x Large Covers (59x46.5cm) 

120+ & 120i - 2 x Large Covers (59x46.5cm)

110+ & 110i - 2 x Medium Covers (54x46.5cm)

100+ & 100i - 1 x Large Cover (59x46.5cm) AND 1 x Small Cover (39x46.5cm) 

90+ - 1 x Large Cover (59x46.5cm)Only one cover available for this range.  

90i - 1 x Medium Cover (54x46.5cm)Only one cover available for this range

60 - 1 x Large Cover (59x46.5cm) 

  • Complete the full set with matching Tea Towels, Aprons and Double Oven Gloves.
  • Black trim with 9cm loop. 
  • Machine washable 
  • Champagne & Fizz (Navy only) artwork. 
  • Sizes: Large (59x46.5cm), Medium (54x46.5cm), Small (39x46.5cm) 
  • Please note - as these covers are hand-stitched, there may be a very slight variation in size.  
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