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Art of Scent Original Painting

Art of Scent Original Painting

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'Art of Scent' focuses on repetitive patterns, taking 29 of the most iconic and recognisable perfumes and colognes out of their usual context, enabling the viewer to be reintroduced to the objects appearance or moved by its renewed visual presence.

"My work focuses on the ideas behind contemporary life and consumerism, through depicting the beauty in everyday objects, which are often overlooked and disregarded. I take influence from still life cinematography, within advertising, and the psychology behind visual merchandising and branding, to display the most basic necessities in bold compositions with vivid colour schemes."

Dimensions: 100 x 120cm

Medium: Oil and acrylic on canvas

For limited edition prints, the design is digitally printed onto a thick and durable woven canvas which is then hand cut and stretched on a 2.5cm deep frame, made from FSC approved wood. The printing process fuses the ink deep into the fibres of the canvas fabric so the design won’t rub, peel or scratch off. The print also comes with wall fixtures. Please enquire for pricing and sizes. 

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