Everhot: The recent product launch!

Everhot: The recent product launch!

The gradual arrival of winter means more indoor activities, plenty of time at home planning festivities and a lot of baking and cooking. The British have an undeniable affection for an enamelled stove cooker, its steady all-day heat providing the beating, warm heart of the kitchen. It’s a cooker where the kettle’s always ready to make a tea, where cakes are evenly baked and where the family can warm their socks and their hands.

Introducing the Everhot Cooker

The Everhot Cooker is a British invention, originating in Coaley Mill, which is a medieval water-powered mill near Dursley in the south Cotswold valleys. It was invented by Ossie Goring in the 1970s as a solution for cooking and heating, whilst being environmentally-friendly. After many prototypes, Ossie enabled his cooker to be powered through the small intermittent flow of electricity from the mill’s turbine and was officially brought to market in 1995.

Today, Everhot cookers’ top electricity usage is only a fraction of that needed by other cookers and they are happy to report that it’s the most energy efficient range on the market, costing typically around £12 to £14 a week to run, with the cooker ready at any time.

Guy Goring (Ossie’s son,) has continued to keep Everhot’s focus on being ecologically sustainable, with its innovative design, without compromising on the quality. Through their use of water power and thoughtful selection of UK-based suppliers, Everhot is committed to preserving the environment as much as they can. The core of their industry remains in the power of the River Cam, which flows into their millpond and lies beneath their showroom. 

The Everhot runs off ordinary 13 amp plugs and doesn’t require a flue or a concrete base. The Everhot traditional cooking range features eleven different products in six different sizes, creating possibilities for all styles and sizes of kitchens. The slim versions are a standard cooker size and therefore suitable for flats or small homes, while those looking for the farmhouse four-oven range can choose the larger editions. Now available in a dozen colours including black, burgundy and British racing green, although the current customer favourite is graphite grey. This allows the cooker to match beautifully with other colour schemes within your home. 

The Everhot cookers are hand-built to order, with almost all the raw materials, apart from the sheet steel, made in artisan style in Gloucestershire. Being made in Britain using traditional methods may impress those who were disappointed when Aga was taken over by an American company.

Everhot cookers can easily become the focal point of your kitchen, providing a comforting warmth and atmosphere. 

Both Everhot and Aga are a fantastic selection of range cookers that you can use in your home today. But there are a few differences...

Oven Temperature - When it comes to AGAs, this cooker comes with four different settings, and these temperatures unfortunately cannot be altered. However, with Everhot, you can adjust the temperature inside the ovens and reach a temperature between 200C and 250C. If you find yourself using the Everhot less often, you have the option to switch its settings to ‘ECO.’ You can control each oven and the hot plate independently and if there is a hot summer, or you are going away on holiday, you can just switch your Everhot to this ‘ECO’ setting. Adjusting the inside the temperature emitted means you will create a more comfortable atmosphere in your kitchen throughout the year. Plus, reducing the temperature helps lower the running costs. Also, all Everhot “i” ranges come with an induction hob that can be controlled independently.

Heat Output - Each AGA will emit approximately 1KW of heat into a room at maximum cooking temperature. As for Everhot ranges, these emit slightly less heat into a room, but in turn, it costs a lot less to run. The cost to run such a range is around 60% less compared to an AGA.

How Long Do Everhot Cookers Last? Everhot is a company that cares about craftsmanship. Their ranges get built by skilled craftsmen using both traditional and modern techniques. If cared for correctly, each are built to last a lifetime. If you decide to move house, but don’t want to part with your faithful Everhot, the company will undertake to move the cooker for you. Another point is, unlike other brands the Everhot does not need specialist servicing.

Dressing Your Everhot 

After nearly 9 months of product development, I am so pleased to announce the arrival of my designed Everhot Covers, featuring the best-selling ‘Champagne & Fizz’ artwork. These covers pair beautifully with all Everhot enamel colours, due to the vibrant pops of colour found in the hand-painted design.




Like all products in my collection, these Everhot Covers are professionally hand-stitched in the UK, using a 100% 1/2 Panama Cotton and printed with reactive inks. This printing technique gives extreme colour brightness and saturation, as well as allowing the covers to be machine washable without the risk of the colours or intricate details fading over time. With a flame-resistant terry towelling reverse, these covers prevent the Everhot surface from scratches whilst helping with insulation. The loop attachment ensures the covers are practical by staying in place when lifting and closing the lids throughout the day. Available in 3 different sizes to fit the majority of the Everhot ranges - Sizes: Large (59x46.5cm), Medium (54x 46.5cm), Small (39 x 46.5cm) Simply select your Everhot range and your set will be automatically selected for you (Sold in a pair).


 Like the range cooker itself, each cover has been carefully hand-crafted, uniquely design and made to last for years to come. To match these Fizz inspired covers, make sure to take a look at all the other Champagne & Fizz homewares, including the Large and Mini Chopping Boards, 100% cotton aprons, double oven gloves, tea towels, and drinks coasters…to mention a few. 

In conclusion, an Everhot never goes unnoticed but it does more than give your kitchen a new focal point - it becomes the hub of everyday life. It sets the tone and provides a comforting background warmth while using less than half the energy of a comparable range cooker. 

It’s so versatile and welcoming you’ll wonder how you ever lived without one. 


Shop the Everhot Covers Now! 

Shop the best-selling Aga Covers too! 

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