The Festive Series

Over the last couple of months, I have been busy planning a series of festive scenes, each hand painted in my Edinburgh studio.
The 7 festive drawings hosts a range of loveable characters enjoying all our favourite Christmas traditions, such as frogs kissing under mistletoe, robins decorating tree’s in brightly coloured baubles and the hedgehogs cosying up by a lit Christmas pudding.
I have wanted to paint an animal series for a very long time, so I’m so excited to show you my festive take on it! Here’s hoping they bring a smile to your face as they did mine!
Available on Table Runners and Charity Christmas Cards.

1.Festive Fawns
My first hand-painted design is called the ‘Festive Fawns’, which depicts deer playing and skipping joyfully with their family, using brightly coloured Christmas lights as skipping rope. This design is currently available on 100% cotton-linen table runners in a variety of colour schemes, making the perfect addition to the family Christmas dinner table. SHOP NOW 
2. Decorating Robins
The second addition to my new festive series is called the ‘Decorating Robins', hand-painted in my Edinburgh studio!
This whimsical pattern shows a round of robins collecting baubles, whilst flying and swooping beautifully in unison.
3. The Highland Helpers - The 3rd pattern for my new winter series is definitely one of my favourites! This artwork was painted using a mixture of oil and acrylic paint, allowing a build up of texture to replicate the fluffy coats of the Scottish highland cow.󠁧󠁢
4. ‘Mr. & Mrs.’ is another joyful addition to my winter series. This painting depicts earth coloured toads and vibrant frogs kissing under small mistletoe bundles, held by their partners webbed hands. This romantic tradition began in the 1700’s and is best known for being the symbol of love and friendship during this time of the year.
5.The 5th design of the festive series is, ‘A Christmas Morning’, depicting a family of red squirrels, eagerly awaiting to open their Christmas presents from each other. Some of which are carefully gift-wrapped acorns - a squirrels equivalent to the famous Fabergé egg.
6. ‘Christmas Crackers’ is a vibrant and playful design featuring an array of flying barn owls, pulling decorated Christmas crackers with one another.
7. Last but not least is ‘A Hedgehogs’ Christmas Campfire’. This painting depicts a group of hedgehogs, sitting back and cosying up to a warm campfire, which happens to be a spectacularly festive flaming pudding.
I hope you have enjoyed seeing my new festive project - it has been such a fun process and a joy to create!
New products are on their way with a range of designs!
The 100% cotton linen table runners are available to purchase now! SHOP NOW
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