Sustainability at Jessica Anderton Designs

Sustainability at Jessica Anderton Designs

In this day and age, climate responsibility is absolutely critical to preserve the world for future generations. It is also vitally important that businesses (big and small) make every effort to ensure their products are eco-friendly and ethical, to allow every-day people to make greener choices, live sustainable lifestyles, and to reduce their carbon footprint.

What is a carbon footprint? According to Mike Berners-Lee, a professor at Lancaster University in the UK, It is “the sum total of all the greenhouse gas emissions that had to take place in order for a product to be produced or for an activity to take place. For most consumers in developed countries, these products and activities tend to fall into four principal categories: household energy use, transport, food, and everything else, which is mostly the products we buy, from utensils to clothes to cars to television sets.”

As a small business owner who designs and produces premium products, I understand my responsibility to create a business that is just as sustainable as it is high-quality. Extensive consideration has been given to the manufacturing and packaging of all my products, ensuring that every item is environmentally friendly and is not at detriment to the planet. 

The fabric used to produce the majority of my collection, including the Tea towels, Makeup bags, Napkins, AGA covers, Aprons and Double Oven Gloves, are made from 100% Cotton, without the use of any harmful chemicals or substances - boasting a Standard 100 label by Oeko-Tex to certificate this. 


The bold colours found on the fabric is produced using a purely synthetic ink which does not use any animal products - cutting back on greenhouse gas emissions. Furthermore, our UK-based fabrics manufacturer does not stock any excess material to prevent wasteful disposal of redundant stock, and all waste fabric from production (very little) is reused in the factory.

Every item in my collection has been designed, printed and sewn in the United Kingdom. No nasty sweatshops and no horrible surprises. Local production enables shipping costs and carbon emissions to be kept at a minimum, as every product is made in facilities across the UK, without the need to ship products across countries & oceans. Supporting UK manufacturers and the British economy is also at the heart of my business.

Designing responsible and sustainable products doesn’t have to be at odds with maintaining a high-standard of goods, and I am proud that my product range is environmentally friendly without sacrificing an inch of the quality which customers have come to expect. 

Some of the selected materials in fact surpass their less eco-friendly alternatives in quality. The textile products mentioned previously for example use sustainable reactive inks which brag a superior rub and wash fastness, and will keep the colours bold and like-new after many washes. 

As part of the digital printing process, the fabrics are washed up to 70 degrees to remove any preparation solution and unfixed dyes. The waste water is then processed through an effluent plant and released back to public water treatment processing plants. This ensures ink waste is disposed of properly so nothing leaks into the environment, causing damage.

The material used to produce the Chopping boards, placemats and drinks coasters is an ethically sourced eucalyptus wood base as opposed to a powdered melamine formula. These products have a full melamine surface which is an extremely durable, able to withstand temperatures of up to 145 degrees, is easily wiped clean and with very little care, they will give you many years of service. The Melamine is hand produced from start to finish in our UK manufacturers factory and made to order, resulting in minimal waste and a lower carbon footprint. This eucalyptus wood is particularly eco-friendly because of its recyclability - any waste wood from the production can be easily repurposed due to its durability and long-lasting life. 

Saving paper is also an important aspect in my business, which is why invoices & receipts are all sent digitally. When packaging an order, I opt to recycle and reuse as much of the paper materials as I can, thus reducing my carbon footprint.

The gift wrapping paper and Christmas cards which feature my signature festive animal designs, is printed using eco-friendly inks onto recyclable paper, a timber sourced from sustainable forests. I am committed to donating 20% of the proceeds from the Christmas Cards directly to the Wildlife Trust, to help protect native species and their habitats across the UK. The Wildlife Trust is a movement made up of 46 wildlife trusts; independent charities (including the Scottish Wildlife Trust) who all share the same vision of a wilder future.

So this product, along with all others mentioned above, is perfect for the individual who loves to embellish their home, spruce up their kitchen, or give a special something to dear one all whilst keeping an eco-conscious mind.

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