MARS INC: How I sold my paintings to the CEO of a billion dollar company

16th November 2015
For my first year exhibition at the Edinburgh College of Art, I completed a project based on the theme of indulgence, painting 6 instantly recognisable cross sections of chocolate bars. The depictions were of the following chocolate bars; Snickers, Mars, Crunchie, Aero, Bounty and Kinder Bueno.
After the exhibition, I began to think of who would want to have these paintings in their home and decided to contact the companies who owned these brands. Within 10 days, I was fortunate enough to have a phone call with the CEO of Mars, Grant Reid. After pitching my paintings to him and discussing my future plans and ideas, he decided to purchase the three Mars paintings!
I am most grateful to Grant F. Reid the CEO / Office of the President at Mars, Inc. for being the first patron and supporter of my work.

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