I wore my own 'Dressage & Race Horses' designed dress to Royal Ascot 2023

I wore my own 'Dressage & Race Horses' designed dress to Royal Ascot 2023

Royal Ascot, the epitome of elegance, sophistication, and style, has always been a dream event for me. The prestigious horse racing event, coupled with the glamour of fine fashion, creates an atmosphere like no other. This year, I decided to use my 'Dressage & Race Horses' hand-painted artwork, and create a 100% pure silk dress, using my trusted textiles manufacturer in the UK.


After months of brainstorming, sketching, and hand-painting, I created a series called 'Dressage & Racehorses', which depicts a range of show horses as well as racing horses dressed in beautiful colourful silks accompanied by their riders. The artworks encapsulate the essence of equine elegance and the thrill of the racetrack.

For a dress that would grace the prestigious Royal Ascot, I knew that only the finest materials would do. I opted for 100% pure silk as it embodied luxury, comfort, and a natural flow that would complement the artwork. Working with local manufacturers in the London, I ensured that the dress was made with impeccable attention to detail and a commitment to quality.

The production process was a labor of love, with each stitch being carefully placed to ensure a flawless fit and a dress that would be as unique as the wearer. The choice of 100% pure silk not only made the dress a joy to wear but also ensured that the artwork's colours and details truly popped.

As the day of Royal Ascot approached, I felt a delightful mixture of excitement and nervousness. The anticipation of wearing my own creation to such a prestigious event was exhilarating. I was delighted to have received compliments, and I was humbled by the appreciation for my artistic endeavour.

The overwhelming response and the interest generated by my dress encouraged me to create a small batch of these dresses in a range of sizes. With only a select number available, this exclusive line aims to empower every wearer to embrace their love for equine beauty and celebrate the spirit of Royal Ascot wherever they go.

Creating my own 'Dressage & Racehorses' dress and wearing it to Royal Ascot 2023 was an unforgettable experience. The entire journey, from concept to completion, was filled with inspiration, creativity, and dedication. 

Whether it's a day at the races or any special occasion, this dress will be truly unique and memorable.

Note: The limited edition 'Dressage & Racehorses' dresses are available for purchase on my website here. Be sure to secure yours soon, as there are only a few available!

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