I wore my own 'Dressage & Race Horses' designed dress to Royal Ascot 2023

I wore my own 'Dressage & Race Horses' designed dress to Royal Ascot 2023

Royal Ascot, the epitome of sophistication and style, has always been a dream event for me. This year, I decided to use my 'Dressage & Race Horses' hand-painted artwork, and create a 100% pure silk dress, using my trusted textiles manufacturer in the UK.

 After months of brainstorming and hand-painting, I created a series called 'Dressage & Racehorses', which depicts a range of show horses as well as racing horses dressed in beautiful colourful silks accompanied by their riders.

I used 100% pure silk for the dress as it embodied luxury, comfort, and a natural flow that would complement the artwork. Working with local manufacturers in the London, I ensured that the dress was made with impeccable attention to detail and a commitment to quality.

The choice of 100% pure silk not only made the dress a joy to wear but also ensured that the artwork's colours and details truly popped.

The overwhelming response and the interest generated by my dress encouraged me to create a small batch of these dresses in a range of sizes.

Creating my own 'Dressage & Racehorses' dress and wearing it to Royal Ascot 2023 was an unforgettable experience.

Whether it's a day at the races or any special occasion, this dress will be truly unique and memorable.

Note: The limited edition 'Dressage & Racehorses' dresses are available for purchase on my website here. Be sure to secure yours soon, as there are only a few available!

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