Four unique ways to add colour and pattern to your home this Summer

Four unique ways to add colour and pattern to your home this Summer

Feeling like your home needs some attention after a long winter? Here are four simple ways to give your home that splash of colour! Whether you prefer minimalist or maximalist looks there is always a style to suit your interior design visions. Through elevating simple accessories such as lighting, vases and cushions or creating a statement look with a feature wall, colour can be introduced to your home in a number of ways.

So let’s have a look at options for each, so that we can take your home to the next level this summer. 

Starting with wallpaper, whilst a feature wall may not be for the faint hearted, they are an amazing way to bring warmth and colour into a room.  Whether you want a hint of colour or a bucketload here are some options that are readily available to purchase, so that you can get your home re-vamp underway ASAP. 

Designer Wallpapers ( has an adorable wallpaper called ‘Best in Show’. Which depicts silhouettes of household favourite dogs such as Labradors, dachshunds, alongside and a handful of others. With a black and cream colour palette this is a great option for a more monotone wallpaper that will still provide interest and ignite many conversations. 

On the other hand, if you really want to throw some colour at your home Wendy Morrison Design ( is a great option. A personal favourite is the ‘Phoenix Green Wallpaper’. The amount of colour in this design allows you to have such artistic freedom with the rest of the room. The fine line details provide a fluid movement which draws in the viewer. With this wallpaper the room will never look bland or feel dark. The best news is its currently on offer, so if you are looking for a bright and bold feature wall there is no time like the present!

For a quick splash of colour nothing is easier to add than the humble cushion. From extravagant to a simple trace of colour cushions are a great way to show your personal style whilst adding a bit of fun into the home. 

If you don’t want to commit to any wild patterns or textiles HAY ( is the perfect way to add some colour very subtly to your décor. Their ‘Outline cushion’ provides a singular line of colour around the seam, which can be used to elevate a minimalist look. 

Glassette (  is a Spanish company based in Mallorca who hand-dye all of their cushions. The ‘Piñata Stripe Large Lumbar Cushion’ is a perfect option for those who want to incorporate colour in a simplistic way. The hand-dyed cushion has stripes of yellow, blue, turquoise and a burnt orange. Colours with which you could fashion a phenomenal colour palette, vibrant and bright they are perfect for summer. 

If your mindset is that brighter is better, you have to look at Yinka Ilori ( The designer takes her inspiration from her inner-child, and her childhood memories or creating. As expected, this is portrayed beautifully through her geometrically patterned cushions which can bring interest to any chair or sofa on which they are placed. One of my favourites is her ‘Ere Cushion’ which is extravagant and doused with warm tonal colours ideal for the warmer seasons. These cushions are the perfect staple for this summer. 

We hope this gives you some ideas on how to add these pops of colour to your home! 

Author: Arabella Flame 

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