Five tips and tricks all Everhot owners should know.

Five tips and tricks all Everhot owners should know.

The Everhot cooker is a fantastic bit of kit for any home chef or foodie. With its unique combination of style and functionality, an Everhot provides kitchen dwellers with a versatile and reliable cooking set up that is perfect for everything from roasting meats to baking bread.

The Everhot’s story begins some 40 years ago in Gloucestershire, England when Ossie Goring wanted a heat-storing cooker which gave the room some background warmth. The original cooker was designed and built by the Burney Stove Company in the 1980s and became widely available for homes in the 1990s. Staying true to its original philosophy of making high-quality and energy efficient cookers, the Everhot has evolved over the years to meet modern cooking needs and still remains to be a top choice for home chefs everywhere.

Functioning similarly to the AGA, the Everhot can cook and bake at the same temperature as its counterpart for 40% less energy thanks to its innovative insulation at the expense of a little extra room heating. So if you’re looking for an environmentally friendly, versatile, and stylish way to cook up your favourite dishes and bring some warmth to your home, look no further than the Everhot!

Looking to add a touch of class to your own Everthot at home? Why not brighten up your cooking space with the Jessica Anderton Designs Champagne & Fizz Everhot Covers. Hand crafted in the UK and designed for lasting high-quality, these covers feature Jessica’s best-selling design and are guaranteed to add vibrant pops of colour to any kitchen. 

We have already discussed some of the top tips and tricks all AGA owners should know, so here are some similar kitchen hacks and tricks that Everhot-enthusiasts should be aware of to get the most out of their cooker.

  1. Are you a lover of citrusy baked goods? A useful trick that I learned from top-class baker ‘Doughnuts by G’ is to leave a lemon or lime roasting on your cooker for a couple of minutes before squeezing it into your mix. Not only does this get more juice from your lemon or lime, but it will leave your kitchen smelling nice and fresh with a lasting citrus aroma.
  1. If you’re in a rush and need a quick bite, your Everhot’s grill function can accelerate its pre-heating to get your oven up to the right temperature with haste. Just remember to switch it onto an appropriate setting once it has achieved your desired temperature.
  1. Can’t quite get that jam lid open? Fear not, because with a quick 30 seconds in your Everhot, a jar placed upturned on a simmering plate can loosen up enough to be opened with ease. Be sure to use gloves or a kitchen towel to aid you if the jar gets too hot.
  1. Ironing can be tedious, so why not let your Everhot do it for you! By leaving some nearly dry washing on the lid of your cooker, it will finish drying and will iron itself. Just be sure not to cover the vents at the back of your Everhot to avoid it from overheating.
  1. Nothing beats perfectly-cooked veg, especially when prepared in an Everhot. The best way to prepare your veg is by boiling it on a hot plate in the cooker before draining and finishing it off by steaming it back in the cooker, making a fine addition to any dish.

I hope this has taught you a few tricks and some new ways to get the most out of your Everhot. Let me know in the comments if you learned anything new or even share some of your own tricks and hacks for others to use in their home!

Author - Campbell Macpherson 

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